Assignment 7: The Environmental Portraiture of Arnold Newman

Environmental portraiture. We can use inference to understand what is meant by that word. Environment here means a location or place. A school can be an environment. An office, factory floor, a kitchen, or the great outdoors can also be an environment. Portraiture is a word that is used to describe pictures of people. ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAITURE describes photographs of people taken in an environment that represents them in some way. This is, personally, my favorite form of portraiture.

Arnold Newman photographed some of the most famous and interesting people of his day. His style of photographing people in natural settings looking very natural came to be known as  ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAITURE.

One of his most famous (or infamous) photos is of Alfried Krupp.

Alfried Krupp, Essen, Germany, 1963
Arnold Newman

You can see that Newman really had an opinion about Krupp and his photograph reveals that opinion. (You will read more about Krupp and Newman later today.)

1. Visit Newman's obituary from the New York Times at:
2. Read about his life at:  3. Read about what other photographers thought of him:
4. Look at some of this photos at:
5. Imagine that Newman is going to take your picture. Draw or describe what your environmental photo would look like. What would be the location that best exemplifies you? If you write your response, one paragraph, please. If you draw, draw what the finished portrait of you would look like.