Assignment 5: Butterflies

This is a project that all art students at Alhambra are participating in. So, it might be outside our normal scope, but really it fits in with our study of light and shadow in the form of SILHOUTETTES

You are going to cut out BUTTERFLY shapes as part of a larger art INSTALLATION.

Your butterflies will become part of this larger installation.

Step 1: Study ORGANIC Shapes
The warmup for the 29th asked you to look at ORGANIC and GEOMETRIC shapes. What kind of shape is a BUTTERFLY? If you said ORGANIC, you would be correct. Most living organisms have ORGANIC shapes

Using the pieces of paper that I have cut out for you, you will fold them in half and draw 1/2 of a BUTTERLY. Your butterfly can be a fantastical combination of real butterflies. Be creative and explore. Cut this out.

Step 2: Use the Template
Use the TEMPLATE to make TWO butterflies on the RECYCLED paper I have for you.

Step 3: Hot Glue
Glue the two halves of the butterfly together with the fishing line between them. Mr. Adney will demonstrate this for you.

Everyone must make three butterflies by Tuesday. When you finish your butterflies, bring them up to me (Mr. Adney) and I will mark them off in the grade book.