Welcome to your Photo Class

Hello and welcome. You obviously followed the instructions and have made it to this website. This is STROBSY.COM it is the site for this class. You can access it anywhere at any time. This is where all the work for class will be posted including the daily WARMUP. I am currently doing attendance and it might take me a little time to learn your name.

My name is MR. ADNEY and I am going to be your photo teacher for the year. I will talk a little more about myself in a few minutes while we go through the activity for today.

For today's ACTIVITY, look at the ASSINGMENT 1 posting on Strobsy.

I will give you instructions about this as soon as everyone is on this page.

The link for Office 365 is: https://login.microsoftonline.com/login.srf?bk=1412617129