Project 34: Studio Light

We have come to studio lighting. It might seem scary, but the world of studio lighting is really all about controlling light. We are only going to begin exploring this world, but I am sure that you will see how with just a little planning, you can create images (even at home) that are really special.

So, the image of Juan above is made using an object called a softbox. A softbox make large, soft light. The light that comes from it is very similar to a window. Here is what a softbox looks like:

 So, we will set up our studio like this:

 And set the camera to manual. f/4 or f5.6 and ISO to 400. Shutter speed should be adjusted until you get a good exposure. The subject's skin looks natural and the shadows are not too dark.

From there, you will capture a series of 5 portraits with different poses. All with the light on the left and the reflector on the right. Pay attention to the EXPOSURE METER to make sure the needle is in the center. Also, turn in a contact sheet of every photo in the photo shoot.