Project 38: Photographing Toys

Photographing toys using the close-up lenses can be a really interesting way to explore photography. For this project you will use the diopters to photograph a toy in an interesting setting.

Use the look of your toy to imagine what type of locations would be appropriate for it. Is is a science-fiction toy? Then the location should look somewhat futuristic. If your toy is an animal, it would probably look best in a plant-life setting. Use your sense of CREATIVITY and DIVERGENT THINKING to find some interesting locations.

If you would prefer, you can make your photo an indoor picture with the addition of some LIGHTING. I have examples of both on this page.

1. In a Word document, type up a list of different adjectives that would describe your toy. At least 10 would work. Think of these words as a basis for inspiration about where you will photograph your toy.

2. For your toy, photograph it at least 20 times from different locations, places, and angles. Select your best photo and turn it in with a contact sheet of at least 20 photos. 

3. Turn in your WORD FILE, BEST PHOTO, and CONTACT SHEET (20 PICS) in the appropriate folder.

Here is another example:

With a light box, a piece of paper with a hole in it, and Chrome in full-screen mode (F11 key).

I add a blue light pointed right at the character.

This is the set-up. Not so impressive, huh?