Project 44: Imitation Exercise PART 1

So far we have been learning about techniques, tips, and ways to do things. We are going to slowly move into more creative areas of photography--specifically looking at the art of photography. More precisely, you are going to became an art thief.

Not really an art thief, but you are going to steal some ideas, not actual art. We are going to practice the art of photography by using someone else's photo as a template. In the process we will learn how that photographer made his or her picture and how we can apply the same procedures and techniques to other pictures.

If you were here in the first semester, you might recognize this list. It's the list of photographers that we used in our research presentations in November.

Photographer List
Annie Leibovitz Danny Clinch Edward Weston Ansel Adams
Cindy Sherman Diane Arbus David Lachappelle Imogen Cunningham
Eliot Porter Alfred Eisenstadt Linda McCartney Henri Cartier-Bresson
Robert Frank Mary Ellen Mark Dorthea Lange Arnold Newman
Steve McCurry Joe McNally Tristian Savatier Robert Capa
Paul Strand Richard Avedon Irving Penn Weegee
Nigel Barker Mario Testino Man Ray Yuri Tasuda
Alfred Stieglitz W. Eugene Smith Sebastiao Salgado Vivian Maier

We are going to use this list again. Here are the steps for this project:

1. Look at the list again. Get on Wikipedia or search the internet to find out what kind of photos some of these photographers have taken. Pick three photographers. They can be different than your presentation. You can have the same photographer as someone else.
2. Find three photos that you would like to use as an inspiration. They can be any school-appropriate subject; still-life, portrait, landscape, etc.
3. Think about why you want to imitate this photo?
4. Download the GRAPHIC ORGANIZER and use Photoshop to fill out the boxes.