Project 44: Part 4

For Part 4 of Project 44, you will now plan your photo shoot for each of the three pictures that you planned in Part 3.

Each photo you take will have a separate Technical Planning sheet. On this sheet you are going to plan all the technical aspects of taking your photos. Let's look at each of the individual parts:

1. Lighting. In this section describe what type of lighting situation you are going to use. Will you use daylight or artificial lighting. Do you plan on using studio lights or the small blue utility lights? Is there any reason you would want to use a gel to change the color of the light? Then think about the location of the light. Where will it come from? Left? Right? Above? Below? Explore the idea.

2. Composition. How are you going to set up the photo. You need to look at your inspiration photo. How are you going to make your photo look like the inspiration? Where will you place the camer in relation to the subject and the lighting?

3. Camera settings. What camera settings do you think you might use. Of course, the situation and the environment determines what settings you use, but remember when we were taking about camera settings. If you want to blur motion you need a slower shutter speed. If you want a greater depth-of-focus you use a higher aperture. Will you use a semi-automatic mode or be full manual?

4. Location/Model/Props. Some photos have a lot of additional components apart from the lighting, composition, and the camera. You might need a specific location. You might need props. Your model might need to look a specific way or wear certain clothes. All of these things need to be planned for. 

Click to enlarge and then save the image fo this graphic organizer to your student number. Fill out in photoshop using the text tool.