Project 1: Paint a Picture

While this is not strictly a photography project, it will get you into PHOTOSHOP, an essential tool for modern photographers.

Today's assignment is easy: Paint a picture of a house on a sunny day with two trees.

Your picture will be painted in PHOTOSHOP using the BRUSH tool and the COLOR PICKER. In addition to painting the house you will learn how to create a new document and what the settings on the NEW DOCUMENT screen look like.

This first step might be the trickiest. You need to open PHOTOSHOP. CLICK on the WINDOWS menu and find ADOBE MASTER COLLECTION CS5. Under that folder you will look for the version that says ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS5. Do NOT click on the version that says "(64 Bit)." That version does not work with some of the software on this computer making it crash all the time. We use the NON-64 BIT version.

Click on the icon.


Click on the FILE menu and click on NEW...

This window will appear:

Fill out the window EXACTLY as you see here. Pay attention to the pull-down menu next to the numbers 8 and 10. Yours will say pixels, but select INCHES.


You will have a document that you can start painting. Now, mine already has the beginning of a house.

To make this I needed to use a couple of tools. The first is the brush.

The brush tool is inn the palette on the right side of the screen. The brush tool lets you paint a color selected from the COLOR PICKER

To change settings for the BRUSH (like SIZE) click on the ARROW next to the number at the top of the TOOLBAR

HARDNESS changes how fuzzy the edges of the brush are. If you are confident you can also change the BRUSH SHAPE, but that is not required for this project.

To select a different color for your picture, select the black box over the white box on the pallete

Drag the slider to the RIGHT of the large square around to change the HUE and click on the square to PICK another color. 

If you make a mistake you can ERASE using the ERASER tool on the pallete.