Project 3: Personal Collage

Using Photoshop, you are going to make a collage about yourself. You will use similar skills from your first Photoshop assignment. However, we will be adding a news skill: LAYERS. This will be your first printed assignment. So, make it look as good as you can.

-A background image of a place you would like to see.
-A picture of yourself.
-Your name across the top, bottom, side, or anywhere you like.
-Your graduating class (e.g. Class of 2021)
-3 pictures of your (school appropriate) favorite things.
-A quote or saying from a book, movie, or song that is meaningful to you.

Your collage will be 8” x 10”.

Background photo
30 points
Picture of yourself
30 points
Your name and graduating class
20 points
3 pictures
20 points
Quote or saying
20 points
100 points