Project 12: Neon Shapes

You are going to make an image like this:

To get ready, you need to take a picture of some HANDS and then convert it to black and white.

1. Open your photo in PHOTOSHOP
2. Double click the LOCK icon then CLICK OK.
3. Click on the COOKIE and select BLACK AND WHITE.
4. Move the SLIDERS until it looks like you want.

To create the neon shape:

1. Make a NEW LAYER and select the LINE tool.

2. Draw your shape in white with a WEIGHT of 20px

3. MERGE the layers to make one shape using the LAYERS menu.

4. Select INNER GLOW from the FX button on the LAYERS palette.

5. Click the OUTER GLOW BOX and set up the box as you see here:

6. Select the INNER GLOW option and fill out the box as you see here: