Project 17: Remake a Movie Poster

Happy Halloween! I know it's well past Halloween, but the spirit of the season live on. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year and one of my favorite Halloween movies is this classic:

Hocus Pocus!

Imagine that you have been hired to use your Photoshop skills to make an updated version of this movie poster. You have been given some ASSETS (that is the name for image files to be used in a project) and you will use these to make the poster. Your poster should be 8 x 10 inches and be a fairly close replica of the original poster. You can add elements, if you'd like.

Here are some assets. You do not need to use them all, but you will be using all of your Photoshop skills. This includes MAGNETIC LASSO, GRADIENT MAPPING, LAYER BLEND MODES, MASKING, etc.

DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION EXTRA CREDIT: Make another original movie poster for your favorite winter holiday movie.