Project 20: Reflecting Light

Today I talked about something called DYNAMIC RANGE. Here's video about DYNAMIC RANGE if you wanted to watch it.

The most important thing to take away from that discussion was that we want to make the shadows on a subject's face more in line with something the camera can capture. That's why I was suggesting that you photograph people in OPEN SHADE.

Sometimes OPEN SHADE isn't an option or you want to use the sun in an interesting way. Today, you are going to work with other students to take a series of portraits using a reflector.

For this project you will work with a group of THREE other students in class. Each one of you will be one of three roles; photographer, model, and assistant. Everyone will switch roles so that all members of the group have a chance to be each of the roles.

You will take eight shots with the sun changing position in each shot. One shot for each sun location with and without the fill card. Obviously, you cannot move the sun, but you can move people. So, move your subject RELATIVE to the sun. Make sure that he background is nice too.

Sun over subject's right (camera left) shoulder.
Sun over subject's left (camera right) shoulder.

Sun in front of subject to the right (camera left).
Sun in front of subject to the left (camera right).

When you have finished taking your photos, place your images in the form below.