Project 29: Stitching Panoramics

First, I will demo this in class, but these are the instructions from Adobe:

Part 1- Practice
Go through the steps of stitching a panoramic photo using the sample files here. There are two sets; one horizontal and one vertical. Download all the photos and put them into two files. Go through the PHOTOMERGE steps I showed you in class.

Part 2- Your Panoramic
Now is your chance to take a panoramic photo. Find an interesting view on campus. Set up your tripod and set your camera to the Av setting. Then set these parameters:

Av: 8.0
ISO: 100 (outside) or 800 (inside)

Attach your camera to the tripod and take a photo. Turn the camera on the tripod so you have 1/3 an overlap between photos. Don't nudge the tripod. Try to keep it steady.