6 February Warmup

I wanted to make sure that you are on-track to finishing the assignments for this grading period. This info is in the link above (Assignment and Project List), but I also copied it here.

Warmup Part 1:
Which of these assignments and projects are you done with and ready to turn in:

Assignment 18: https://www.strobsy.com/2020/01/assignment-15-introduction-to-panoramic.html
Assignment 19: https://www.strobsy.com/2020/01/assignment-19-tripods.html

Project 29: https://www.strobsy.com/2020/01/project-29-stitching-panoramics.html
Project 30: https://www.strobsy.com/2020/01/project-30-panel-panorama.html
Project 31: https://www.strobsy.com/2020/01/project-31-vertorama.html
Project 32: https://www.strobsy.com/2020/01/project-32-tiny-world.html

Warmup Part 2:
What Principle of Design is evident in this photograph?

To help remind you of the Principles: