1/22 Warmup and Asynchronous Day


Since today is Friday, please turn in your warmups into Teams when you have finished.

Make a list of similarities and differences between these two photos. Try to find 5 similarities and 5 differences.

Marion Post Wolcott
Wigwam Motel, Cave City, Kentucky, 1940

Kozo Miyoshi
Holbrook, Arizona


For today's attendance use this link. Log in using your school email address and password. It is the same kind of attendance question we would have in the chat, it is just on a website.

Friday Workday Extension

If you have completed everything or need to take your mind off a difficult project, consider watching this video. This is a lecture by Greg Heisler. Heisler is a portriat photographer who has had a long career. He uses film cameras, but the things he talks about applies to all types of photography. It's very interesting.