Project 9: Digital Silhouette

Video for this assignment:

Before there were cameras, people made silhouettes of people they wanted to remember. A silhouette is a replica of the shadow a person makes. Watch this short video about the process to understand how this early photographic process was done.

Part 1

Part 2

In part two, you are going to use the camera to help make a really good SILHOUETTE of a subject by tracing them using the magnetic lasso.

Ask a classmate to be your subject. Take a PROFILE photo of your subject. Make sure that the subject is against a NEUTRAL background that is not too busy. Avoid photographing over patterns.

Take the memory card out of the camera and insert it into the computer. Open the SD card under THIS PC and find your image. Drag that picture to your student number.


  1. Open the photo in PHOTOSHOP/PHOTOPEA. 
  2. Double click the LOCK icon in the LAYERS palette to unlock the LAYER (This may already be done for you). 
  3. Select the MAGNETIC LASSO and set the FEATHER to 1px.
  4. Use the MAGNETIC LASSO to trace the outline of the subject. 
  5. After you have completed the selection, make a NEW LAYER by selecting on the LAYERS menu. Select BLACK as the FOREGROUND color. using the color picker.
  6. Select the PAINT BUCKET tool. 
  7. Click inside the marching ants selection. 
  8. CUT that selection.

Create a new Document that is 5" wide and 7" tall. Set the BACKGROUND to WHITE. Paste the silhouette into the document. Use the move tool to center the silhouette.