Assignment 7: Adobe Creative Cloud

 Today we are going to try to log into Adobe Creative Cloud. We are going to start transitioning into Adobe CC and away from Photopea and Pixlr. This software is more complicated, but much more powerful. We are going to do a couple of different activities in this assignment and all of them are self-paced.

Activity 1: Adobe CC Login

1. To start out, we are going to try logging into Adobe Creative Cloud. The link is below:

Adobe Creative Cloud

To log in you need to use your school email and school password.

2. Then, click on the link that says "Manage Account" underneath your name. 

3. A new window will open up and you will see information about your account. Click on "Edit Profile" From here you can add a profile photo or change information about yourself. We will be using several tools that are part of the Adobe suite.

4. Explore CC to become familiar with all the different tool available to you.

Activity 2: Downloading Lightroom on your Phone

We are going to be using Lightroom, an Adobe CC application, to take photographs on your phone. The nice thing about this is that the photos in mobile Lightroom are synced with the desktop and CC version of Lightroom. You will be able to get your stuff from anywhere you can log into CC.

1. Go to your app store and download Adobe Lightroom.

2. Open the app and log in using the Adobe login from Activity 1.

3. Click "Allow Lightroom to Access Your Photo"

4. If you want new photos from your camera roll to be added to Lightroom automatically, leave the blue box checked. Otherwise, deselect it.

5. You should be up-and-running with Adobe Lightroom on your phone.

Activity 3: Learning Adobe Lightroom on Your Phone

For this part of the Assignment, visit this page and follow along with your Lightroom app.

Apple iOS


1. Read the article and follow along with your application.

2. Try using the capture feature in Lightroom to take some photos. Get out from behind your computer and take some phots!

3 Turn in your best 10 shots using the camera feature in Lightroom.