Project 10: Tea Time

Today's project will require your creativity and ability to use what you have at home. We are going to set up a vignette that has the mood of tea time. With this project, we are going to explore how light works with subjects, use bounce to fill in shadows, style a photo shoot, and have fun making a photo.

The props and foods that I am using in this shoot come from my own home. Your home is different than mine and will be filled with different looking foods, props, and locations. Don't worry about copying my example, find textures and surfaces that you like or are available to you.


There is a video of me going through these steps you can find it on Stream

You will need:

Your cell phone camera.

White paper.

A window, door, or other location where light is coming in.

A cup or glass that can hold a tea-like liquid. 

Tea, coffee, or other semi-transparent brown liquid (it should look like tea!).

A table or surface.

Props or accessories that you think would look good with your photo shoot.

Step 1: Set up your studio

Studio is a really grand term, but anywhere you specifically set up equipment for the purpose of making art is a studio. Our studio is going to be near a window or door. You need to set things up so that the surface of your space is level with the window. It does not need to be exact, but close. You might need to set things up on the floor. That would be ok too.

Set our your food, props, and tools.

Make sure that you have some paper towels or something to wipe up spills that might happen. That's important.

Make sure your phone is full charged and that you have a functioning camera application. You can use Lightroom or the built-in camera app.

Step 2: Style your shoot

This is more of an art than an exact list. Obviously, you were in class and you saw my process. We are going to set up a tea time scene. What makes tea-time tea-time? Think about how you can layer your subjects. What can be in the background and what can be in the foreground? Try moving things around. Don't be afraid to move things around in your shoot.

Step 3: Make some photos

Now is the time to get that camera out and taking photos of your tea-time. Try shooting from different angles and don't forget to tap on the screen to set the exposure and focus. Try tapping on different parts of the screen to change areas of focus. One picture is not enough. You should take dozens.

Step 4: Clean-up

You have to clean up after yourself. Your parents or guardians will appreciate it.

Step 5: Post-processing

This is where we fix the photos and make them look better.