Project 21: Manual Stitching a Panoramic

 There are a lot of tools out there that will stitch a panoramic together. Some of them use advanced algorithms or even machine learning, but since we are starting out, I want you to have the experience of stitching a panoramic photo manually.

To do this we need a series of 5 photos. I took several this morning:

To make this work the best, you need to use gridlines and make sure that your iPhone (if you have one) is set up to take JPGs and not HEIC.

The challenge is that you need an overlap of about 1/3 of the picture. That means that you line up the right vertical grid line with whatever is on the left vertical grid line so that you always have a little bit of the last picture in the new one. It will make more sense when you bring those images into Photopea or Pixlr.

Once each image is in its own layer we will use the "Free Distort" option to twist and distort the picture to make everything line up. It will take some time an effort, but in the end you will have a manually stitched photo. Turn in this photo for Project 21.