Project 12: Silhouette

Part 1: Shadow Simulator

Part 2: Video

Watch this video.

Then, answer these questions about silhouettes:

Part 3: Silhouettes

Silhouettes can be considered one of the first photographic processes. It uses a simple rule of light: when the source of light is small, the shadow it casts has a hard edge. We can use that edge to trace the outline of someone. Read this short history and then come back.

The steps for making one of these is simple:

1. Trace the shadow of a person, or have someone trace yours.

2. Bring your paper over to the PANTOGRAPH to reduce the drawing exactly 1:4.
In this photo and GIF set, Karen is tracing her silhouette on a larger piece of paper.

3. Cut out the silhouette and paste it to the black card. As you cut, you might want to add features like a nice s-curve on the base of the neck or some clothing.