Project 6: Elements Photo Safari

 Today we are going to start using whatever camera you have available to you (phone, point-and-shoot, webcam, etc.) to find examples of the ELEMENTS OF ART in nature. For this assignment you will need to go outside or to a place nearby that has plants and other outdoor features. 

Before you begin this project, make sure you have permission from your parent or guardian. While you are working on this project, please make sure that you are safe and using common sense.

Part 1

Find examples of each of the ELEMENTS in nature. Look for line in a tree, value in the grass, or texture on a wall. These are just a few ideas, but you will need to explore the idea yourself and take pictures of each of the elements. Try to take several pictures of each example from different angles. As you are looking at them, pick the best example of each one. In case you fort the elements, here they are:

FORM                          SHAPE

Each of the elements you photograph should fill the frame. Unless you know how to use the camera in other modes, auto mode.

Part 2

Write a one paragraph (3-5 sentence) reflection about your challenges or successes with this project. How did you find the pictures you selected? Why did you select these as examples of the ELEMENTS?