Project 35: Movie Poster

Using your current photography and Photoshop skills, make a movie poster for a fictional movie.

Part 1: Research

Browse the internet for inspiration. Find movie posters that you find inspiring or interesting. How could you adapt them for your fictional movie? What is it about this poster that makes it the most interesting?


Part 2: Planning

Plan your movie poster. How will you make it look? What images and text do you need?

Part 3: Implement the Plan

Take any photos that you need for your poster. Find images online (Pexels and Unsplash) that might be good to incorporate into your poster.

You will turn in 1 11 x 14 inch poster at 300ppi. The image can be a COMPOSITE, but at least one photo in the poster must be yours. If you need help or inspiration, I have included a list of links that might point you in an interesting direction.

Please remember that these posters must be school appropriate.


Other Useful Tutorials

Cutting out hair in Photoshop:

Refine Edge tool in Photoshop