Assignment 6: Elements of Art in Photography

The Elements of Art are foundational in the study of photography. Even though the Elements are often discussed in drawing, painting, and sculpture they have an important place in photography too. We are going to explore the Elements of Art and see how artists employ these techniques to express ideas and emotion.

Part 1

To begin with, I would like you to watch these videos about the Elements of Art:

Part 2

Taking what you learned in the videos above, create a PowerPoint slideshow where you share some photographic examples of each elements. You slideshow should include:
  • Title slide with your name
  • Slides for each of the seven (7) Elements
  • A minimum of 4 examples for each slide
  • All photos should be school appropriate
  • Each slide should be creative and nice-looking
When you have completed your slideshow, show it to someone in your house and explain each of the elements to them. After you have shared it with someone in your house, upload your completed slideshow to Teams.

Check for the due date on Teams!