Project 16: Visual Art Careers Research Project


The EIR Design Thinking Challenge will take place of this project.


Career exploration is an important component of a high school arts program, providing time for you to research and learn more about the wide variety of viable career choices in the visual arts. Endless opportunities exist for potential employment in the field if you know what you’re looking for, how to network, where to look and what skills/abilities are necessary for success in the field.

In this project, think about jobs you could possibly imagine yourself doing in the future. Is there a specific company you dream of working for? Do you see yourself working with a group of people, or in a quieter, more independent environment?

Select a career that interests you and seek out information to answer the questions included on the worksheet in-class. Some answers may be brief and presented as bulleted lists, while others may be expressed in complete sentences.

Possible resources to use may include (but not limited to….many other resources exist online):

By the end of the next three-week grading period, you will compile research/resource materials for a total of (8) separate potential career choices, which can then be used as you begin to contemplate college choices later on. As capstone project, you will select one of the (8) careers you researched and create a FLIPGRID presentation of your findings with the class.

Each Research Worksheet is worth 60 points. Link to worksheet
The Flipgrid presentation is worth 240 points.
Log into Flipgrid with your school login and password.

Write down the visual arts career areas which interest you most and use for your research.

Art Education
(Elementary, Secondary, Post-Secondary Education; Community, Art, Cultural Centers; Art Galleries, nursing/drug/daycare centers; weekend programs)

Art Critic/Writer                                                            Art Teacher
Artist-in-Residence/Artist-in-the-Schools                       Arts Administrator
Freelance Instructor                                                     Postsecondary Instructor
Recreation Specialist                                                   Teacher/Instructor - Overseas
Art History
(Museums, Galleries, Industry)
Archivist                                                                       Art Gallery and Auction House Assistant
Art Historian, Art Law Specialist                                                Art Critic/Writer
Arts Organization Consultant/Administrator                 Corporate, Museum, University Curator
Curatorial Consultant                                                   Fine Arts Appraiser
Researcher                                                                   Restorer, Conservator
Publishing Proofreader                                                 Visual Resources Curator (Education & Industry)
Teacher/Administrator, Art Lecturer

Crafts: Ceramics, Fibers & Materials Studies, Glass, Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM
(Museums, Galleries, Industry, Schools)
Administrator, Industry Consultant                               Artist-in-Residence/Artist-in-Schools
Commercial Serigrapher/Silk screener                         Costume Designer, Court Artist
Digital Imaging                                                             Foundry Owner/Operator
Gallery Owner/Administrator                                        Master Printer/Print Studio Owner
Model Maker, Muralist                                                 Portrait Painter/Sculptor, Set Designer
Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker (freelance, commission)
Scientific Illustrator, Technical Illustrator                      Teacher/Administrator

Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography
(Advertising, Television/Film, Corporate, Mass-Media)
Art Director                                                                   Exhibitions Designer           
Book Illustrator, Technical/Production Illustrator          Freelance Photographer
Font Designer                                                               TV/Film, Entertainment
Graphic Designer - Advertising, Corporate, Publishing
Multi-media specialist                                                  Package Designer, Product Designer
Photo/Computer/Digital Lab Technician
Urban Graphics Designer (display, signs, billboards)     Web Designer, Webmaster

Museum Studies, Arts Administration, Conservation/Restoration
(Museums, Galleries and other Arts Organizations)
Social, cultural agencies; Education                             Art Director
Art Lecturer/Visiting Scholar                                         Art Supervisor
Arts Administrator                                                        Arts Management
Career Development Counselor                                                Cataloger
Conservator/Restorer                                                   Development/Grant Writer
Director                                                                        Director of Visual Arts Program
Exhibition Coordinator                                                  Fine Arts Appraiser
Gallery Director                                                             Museum Educator/Researcher
Photography Lab Technician                                         Registrar

(Commercial or Residential)
Architect                                                                       Interior Architect
Architectural Photographer                                           Land Planner
Architectural Writer/Critic                                             Public Architect
Architecture Educator                                                   Sustainable Design Specialist
Building Pathologist                                                     Urban Designer
CAD Specialist                                                              Urban Planner
Construction Manager                                                  Corporate Architect
Exhibit Designer                                                           Facility Designer
Facility Managers Architects                                         Industrial Designer

Applied Art
(All Studio Disciplines)
Arts Administrator, Art Dealer                                       Art Consultant
Carpet Designer                                                                       Curator, Writer, Critic
Exhibition Designer                                                       Fabric and Textile Designer
Furniture Designer                                                        Gallery Director
Greeting Card Designer                                                            Resilient Flooring Designer
Stylist                                                                           Tableware Designer
Toy Manufacturer and Designer                                                Wallcovering Designer