Project 23: Vertorama

Vertorama is a portmanteau comprised of "vertical" and "panoramas." Project 23 is similar to project 22, but this time your panorama is vertical. You will select a VERTICAL subject, shoot a series of photos in M setting, and stitch them together in Photoshop. 

Your M Settings should be:
ISO 100

Keep in mind these facts by Peter West Carey:

How to Shoot Panoramic Photos. The settings are the same for vertical panos, but you need to make sure you can tilt all the way up with your subject, which is sometimes hard to do with a tripod.

Where it gets a little trickier is in the distance of your subject. This is fundamentally different than panoramas, because for the most part, panoramas have a roughly equal distance from the camera to all parts of the scene. Roughly.

But a vertorama often has a subject leading away from it and this can cause distortion.Can you imagine the trunkof this redwood tree being much closer than the 200 foot tall top?

PWC-Sequoia in Mariposa Grove

In which case, give yourself plenty of room at the bottom of the image as that will be your constriction point when you go to crop. I shoot landscape orientation (camera in horizontal position) for almost all of my vertoramas, in order to have enough space to crop.