Project 10-Parts 1, 2, and 3: Neon Shapes

You are going to make an image like this:

This project is being broken down into three parts. The fist part will be a tutorial from Adobe. You will complete the tutorial and turn in your sample. Don't worry! The tutorial includes a video file. After that, you will practice making a neon shape. Finally, you are going to take a picture of some hands and make another non shape. I think you will like this project.

Part 1: Tutorial 

Part 2: Practice

Now, put what you learned to use with an image that you found on the internet. It can be an image of anything, but make sure that you make a duplicate layer and desaturate it to make it black and white.

Part 3: The Final Part

For Part 3, you are going to take a picture of someone's hands in an interesting pose. Then, using the tutorial on Helpx, you are going to make a neon shape over a picture that you took.