Project 14: Jumps

Inspired by Philippe Halsman's Jumps, you are going to take a portrait of someone in the middle of a jump.

First, research Halsman's portfolio:

Second, watch this video of Halsman being interviewed by Leonard Nimoy (of Star Trek fame) talking about the psychology of jumping:

Third, watch the video again. I think you need to pay close attention to what Halsman is saying. (Here is the full interview if you want to see it. )

Fourth, find someone to work with. You are going to complete a photo shoot with this person and have them jump. Chose a location you like. Take many photos. Don't be afraid to ask them to jump a number of times. Remember to use the mode dial on P.

Finally, create a contact sheet of all your photos from the shoot.  Also, turn in what you believe to be the best jump photo. When you are selecting the photo, think about what the jump is saying about this person? Do they jump reservedly or are they willing to jump with joy?