Assignment 13: Reading the Light Meter

This is an external light meter, but the idea is the same.

Each of our cameras has an internal light meter. This little sensor is able to determine how much light is being reflected off a subject and into the lens of the camera. From that reading, the computer inside the camera is able to change the settings or recommend a set of values that would yield a good exposure. If you make the changes the camera tells you to, you will have a properly exposed photo. The light meter is represented by a small number line inside the viewfinder. You might have seen this before:

The goal of the light meter EXPOSURE LEVEL MARK is to give you an ide of how much light is going into the camera. If the mark is to the left of the STANDARD EXPOSURE INDEX then you have too little light and the image is underexposed. If the exposure index is to the right then the image will be overexposed. 

The goal is to get the exposure level inline with the exposure index. If you do, the image will be properly exposed. To change the settings to get to that point take a look at this:

You will be in the MANUAL mode and you can use the selection dial or the dial and the AV+/- button to move the shutter speed and aperture. 

Knowing this, we can take pictures fully on manual.


For this assignment, you will take four photos each with different settings. Two will be inside and two will be outside. Paste the picture and fill out the actual shutter speed for your photo.