Warmup 73

Before the warmup, I wanted to remind you of a few procedures for this class.

1. There is a course fee for Digital Photo. It is $40/year or $20/semester. If you haven't paid it yet, make sure you do so.
2. You will need your ID for this class. If you don't have it or you forget it all the time, make sure that you get one and remember to bring it to class. You cannot check out a camera without one.
3. No food or drink in class. Water and drinks with screw tops are ok. Nothing else.
4. Be responsible with your phone in class.
5. You may use the restroom between the first and last 10 minutes of class.
6. Beep in if you are late. If you are late more than 3 times in a quarter you may loose credit for the class.

Now, the warmup:

Look at the three meter readings above. Which one represents underexposure, overexposure, and a proper exposure?