Assignment 10: Photography Gear Terms

Perhaps too much photo gear?

As we are working with more an more photography gear, here are some terms we should know:

Manual focus
Camera body
Light meter
Prime lens
Telephoto lens
Wide-angle lens
Zoom lens

You may know some of these already and others may be new. Use whatever online resources at your disposal to complete one of these activities:

Choose One

1. Create a slideshow with one word, definition, and illustrating image per slide. Make these slides look interesting and aesthetically pleasing.


2. Complete a vocabulary 4-square (digital or paper) for each photography gear term. Use this worksheet or create your own. Vocabulary 4-squares look like this:

For each word, you find a definition, a synonym, an antonym, and draw a picture of that word. The lines underneath are for writing a sentence using the word. As I said, you can do this in the digital form (click on the image above) or on a piece of paper where you draw the squares.