Warmup 51

According ot this web site, what are the three reasons to use a camera in manual mode?


Write those three reasons in your warmup document.

Just a reminder of the WARMUP PROCEDURES

1. When you enter class go to WWW.STROBSY.COM the warmups are there.

2. Open Office 365 (there is a link on the left) and open Word.

3. Write the DATE and WARMUP NUMBER in your digital document.

4. Respond to the prompt. Sometimes the warmup will be a three sentences long, sometimes it will be a list of words. Other times you might complete and activity and put that in your warmup file and Teams.

5. You will get 10 minutes (sometimes less, sometimes more) to finish your warmup. 

6. Keep your file in a safe place. You will turn it in on FRIDAYS to Teams.