Assignment 2: Mood Board

This is an example of a mood board.
A mood board is a creative arrangement of images, materials, text, or other media intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept. Mood boards are one way photographers put together things they like. There are many ways to create mood boards, but ultimately you will use a tool that allows you to gather images or text from the internet to create an inspiration board of the type of photographer you would like to be.

Go to the internet and start looking at (school appropriate) pictures that you think look cool. These might be pictures of people, places, things, or ideas. Start arranging them using a program of your choice. PowerPoint is a good start, but there are others.

You will turn in a complete MOOD BOARD by Friday, August 11 to Teams. Save your file as something that can be uploaded to Teams.


You might want to use: PowerPoint, Google Slides, Google Draw, Canva or any other tool you like. I am not going to make that determination for you. A sample inspiration board is in this post.


Using MICROSOFT WORD, make a list of ADJECTIVES to describe the things in your INSPIRATION BOARD. You might select COLOR, SHAPES, FEELINGS, or any other ADJECTIVE to describe these things. Make your list 20 WORDS LONG. This is also due FRIDAY via Teams.