Important Information

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I am sure you heard that Governor Ducey extended the school closure order for the remainder of the school year. This news is probably hardest for Seniors to handle. I'm sorry things worked out this way. Alhambra and all of PUHSD is going to continue online classes through Teams and Canvas. Digital photo classes will keep on going.
You might be concerned that you don't have a camera or the tools to do Digital photo at home. That's okay. If you are unable to complete any assignments or activities because you don't have internet access or a computer that is your own, it won't impact your grade negatively. 
I have posted 6 projects in Canvas that use the skills that we have built over the last 3/4th of the year. In the next few days I am going to post another few projects that will not require a camera at all. Each of these projects is worth the same points as projects from before the closure. Any project you submit will replace a lower project grade. If you are already at a 100%, you are amazing and the projects are an interesting enrichment to your learning!
I am also going to post this on Strobsy which will continue to host the projects for this class. If I can give you one piece of advice in this time, it would be this: don't worry about online learning. You already know more than most of the other kids in school. Try your best. Don't get discouraged. Take frequent breaks.