Procedures: Warmups


1. When you enter class go to WWW.STROBSY.COM the warmups are there.

2. Open Office 365 (there is a link on the left) and open Word.

3. Write the DATE and WARMUP NUMBER in your digital document.

4. Respond to the prompt. Sometimes the warmup will be a three sentences long, sometimes it will be a list of words. Other times you might complete and activity and put that in your warmup file and Teams.

5. You will get 5 minutes (sometimes less, sometimes more) to finish your warmup. 

6. Keep your file in a safe place. You will turn it in on FRIDAYS to Teams.

Your warmup should look like this:


Make your word file look like this:

Okay, that's most of the details. If it doesn't make sense, read it again. Now, go ahead and do today's warmup found on the main page of the site: