Project 8: Photography Timeline

The first photograph, 1862, Nicephore Niepce

The development of photography from the first recorded image by Nicephore Niepce in 1862 to the current phone camera has been one of amazing discovery. To begin to appreciate the HISTORICAL and CULTURAL impact of photography and practice our PHOTOSHOP skills, you will make a timeline of photographic history.

Individually, you will make a photography timeline banner using PHOTOSHOP. For this activity you will research the history of photography. Identify the most important historical points in photographic history. From there you will research and gather images and text that will be part of your photographic timeline. 

First, plan out your timeline. To get the full points your timeline must include:
  • The first photographic image (who, what, where, when)
  • The Daguerreotype process (including who invented it and a sample image)
  • 3 important events in photographic history of George Eastman
  • 6 major photographic historical developments (from CAMERA OBSCURA to MIRRORLESS DIGITAL CAMERAS).
  • Images for each of the points on the timeline
  • Dates for each point on the timeline.
Second, make your timeline in Photoshop. Here are the specifications for your document:
  • 150 PPI
Be creative and artistic. Use the tools we have learned about in class including the TEXT tool, the MAGNETIC LASSO, COLOR PICKER.