Project 9: Color Splash

For this assignment, you are going to take a photo of and object and using the selection tools, masking, and become a splash of color.

Here are some examples that might inspire you:


For this project, you will need an interesting photo that you have taken with the camera. Bring that image into Photoshop. From there, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the LAYER menu and select DUPLICATE LAYER.
  2. Convert that top layer into black and white by going to IMAGE > ADJUSTMENT > DESATURATE.
  3. Use the LAYER MASKING tool to REVEAL ALL.
  4. Select the PAINTBRUSH tool and set the color picker to BLACK.
  5. Select the thumbnail in the LAYERS palette.  
  6. Using the paintbrush tool, paint the areas that you want to reveal. Make sure that you are on the MASK and not the background image.