Toolbox 2: Contact Sheet

There are many ways to make a contact sheet, but given that we are all currently online, this method is by far the easiest for everyone. You are going to create a new Powerpoint document and manually place all the pictures from one project on a single page. It's a good way to see all of your photos at one. There are some automated ways of doing this (for the more technologically advanced that I will share at the bottom of this post).

What you are trying to make is something like this:

Preparing Your Photos

Make sure that all the photos you want in your contact sheet are in a single folder. You might have to make one and drag all your photos into that folder. 

Making the Contact Sheet

  1. Open Microsoft Powerpoint.
  2. Create a blank presentation.
  3. Insert your images and place them in a grid like the example above.

Use the auto alignment tools (if you know how) to keep everything in line.


If you are using the online version of Office 365, go to the "Download As" option in the "File" menu. Select Images.

If you are using the desktop version, go to the "File" menu and select "Save As." From there you can use the pulldown menu under the text box for typing the file name to select "JPG" and save normally. 

The picture file that is downloaded (like the example above) is what you will turn in with your best image and reflection.

Other Options

If you are a computer enthusiast, here is another OPTIONAL option: