Project 3: Duck in the Desert

Part 1

Now that you have had a chance to use PHOTOSHOP a little, we are going to continue our exploration of Photoshop and one of the more powerful tools, the LASSO.

The LASSO is a tool designed to select around an object. When you drag the line that the LASSO tool makes around a selection and release the mouse button, you get MARCHING ANTS. The photo below describes what you would see with the RECTANGULAR MARQUEE TOOL


See the ants? Good.

The MARQUEE tools are good and so is the LASSO, but there is a tool that is better for selecting the very edge of an item and separating it from the background. For that we use the MAGNETIC LASSO.

To start you select and ANCHOR point and then trace around the object. Automatically, using CONTRAST DETECTION the tool adds an anchor point in the form of a white square. You can add your own anchor point by clicking the mouse. If you make a mistake or click on the wrong place, you can press the delete key on the keyboard to remove an anchor point.

For this assignment you will need two pictures, both below:

Download them by right-clicking and selecting SAVE IMAGE AS. Save them to your One Drive. 


Open each of the images by selecting FILE and then OPEN.

Using the MAGNETIC LASSO, you are going to select just the duck, copy it from the cool pool environment and PASTE it into the desert.
Part 2

Now, take your skill and add an additional 10 crazy things to the desert. Find images of school-appropriate things on the internet that you would like to add to your crazy desert scene.